Giving Back

Danielle and her Scholarship

Image (35) Danielle Coco touched many of us in such a special way. She taught us how to live and love, the value of family and friends, and the difference that a bright beautiful smile can make. She cherished her parents and brothers, Michael and Nicholas. Danielle enjoyed reading and writing poetry, as well as listening to music. As captain of the soccer team she lead by example. She found peace among children and aspired to be a teacher. To honor Danielle’s legacy the Danielle Marie Coco Memorial Scholarship was created in 2002 at Brewster High School in New York. It is awarded annually to a graduating senior who places family and friendships first, maintains a B+ or higher average, an active participant and leader in school activities, one who enjoys working with children and plans to continue with their education after high school.

Flowers“One sunny day I saw a pretty Blue Jay Bird, There it built a nest and laid two eggs, From the nest hatched baby bluebirds who were hungry, So mother flew away and brought back a worm, For each of them to eat, The babies got big and bigger, They flew away one beautiful sunny day”
Written by Danielle Coco, age 10

In Our Hearts, Always and Forever

Coco Training is proud to give back and donate a percentage of our annual profits to the Danielle Marie Coco Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your consideration to be part of such a worthy cause.